RDF2h is a tool for rendering RDF resources using renderes defined in RDF using javascript and mustache templates.

With RDF2h, you can turn Linked Data into something more human-readable.


You can either get it via node/npm or directly from Github.

RDF2h manual

A step by step manual of RDF2h can be found here.
You can edit all examples directly in the browser and play around with it.

Projects using RDF2h

RDF2h browser

Browse resources from the web or SPARQL endpoints here.

The resources are being rendered using RDF2h renderer-templates. As a standard, it uses our templates from Github, but of course you can change them.


Use LD2h to expand tags by recursively rendering local or remote RDF data and include resources from the Linked Data Web into your HTML page, by rendering any resource with RDF2h.

To see it in action check out this example.

Have a look at the Github Repository

RDF2h is developed by FactsMission